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Fr. Nobin Philip is the Chaplain of the college

St. Mary’s chapel is seated safely in the lap of nature. Greenery of the location inspires ones soul to awake and to arise from the worries and to move ahead in one’s life by holding optimism through prayers. ‘A breathe of prayer in the morning means a day of power ’.Our St. Mary’s chapel is the perfect place to pray and to experience the peace of mind. The backdrop of the beautiful landscape inspire the students to lead a life which is pillared on worship,study and service. The serene ambience of this blessed space with the freshness of air purifies one’s thoughts and deeds. The chapel in the MBC campus serves as the centre of worship for all faiths. In addition to the main worship area, it contains space for religious activities, meditation, counseling and similar events. As music is a part of our life, our MBC choir maintains a tradition of singing for service. Almighty God is always showering His mercy. The queen of saints, St. Mary is a constant inspiration for all who seeks solace in her, the chapel plays a great role in moulding the minds of students through faith, formation, prayer, meetings, social awareness and personality development programmes as well. So,here the students are getting a space to remember their Creator in their spring time.

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