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The Central Computiong Facility provides various facilities to the students and staffs in the college. The Central Computing falicility is of the college is equipped with 90 Systems connected to the college LAN. Internet access is provided to the users through a 100 MBPS 1:1 Leased Line internet connectivity. Students and Staffs can use the facility for developing their skills and knowledge in varios softwares and other areas. Apart from interner browsing, programming, sofware awareness etc, many additional facilities are avilable for the uses like printing, scanning, photocoping , spiral binding etc in the CCF. The internet usage of the students and staffs are monitored and controlled by a powerful UTM (Unified Threat Management) device Sophos XG230.

The Central Computing Facility in the campus supports the computing needs of the students and faculties through fully functional computer lab that houses around 90 computers. All are branded systems with TFT LCD monitor and with latest configuration. All the systems are in a single Local Area Network managed by three servers. Students get access to computer browsing, printing, scanning and other IT related services here. Many use the Facility for practicing computer programming and other advanced level IT operations under the assistance of faculties and supporting staff. The Facility functions from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

  • All the users (students and staffs) must sign in and sign out of the CCF by swiping their ID Cards to the Entry Register System.
  • Keep your foot wears and other personal belongings outside. Please keep it in the rack provided for the same.
  • Users are permitted to use the allotted system only. In case of any difficulties/ error, please contact the Staff in Charge and obey their instructions.
  • If you find any damages in the system/ equipment before/while started using, immediately inform the Staff-in-Charge. Otherwise it will by charged against you by the next person.
  • Any kind of eatables, drinkables, chewing and/or USE OF TOBACCO IN ANY FORM are strictly not allowed in the lab.
  • Usage of Mobile Phones or any other electric gadgets are not permitted in the Lab without prior permission of the Staff-in-Charge.
  • Gaming / any unwanted activities are not permitted in the lab.
  • Lab users should maintain professional and courteous communication. All the systems and other devices should be used on a professional level. No obnoxious or belligerent behavior will be tolerated.
  • Please operate the equipment with respect and care.
  • Activities in the lab that are considered by the lab staffs to be abusive to the software, hardware, and\or personnel may result in expulsion from the lab and denial of future use of the lab.
  • The lab staffs are here to help when they can and to maintain the labs' operation. However, the lab staffs are not here to do your work for you.
  • Software may be installed by Computer Labs staff only. Do not install any software on your own. Files and software not put on by authorized staffs will be routinely removed.
  • Do not modify any software or files. Do not overwrite the operating system, modify the autoexec.bat or config.sys or any other system parameters.
  • Access to pornographic/other banned sites will not be allowed.
  • For any hardware, software, printer, paper, or ink problems, please contact the staff in charge.
  • Any failure to follow these lab rules may result in the loss of your lab privileges.
  • Priority will be given for course related use of computers in the lab.
  • Students are expected to act in a professional manner in the computer labs.

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