Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering(C-RiSE)
The Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (C-RiSE) identifies opportunities and strategies for enhancing MBCCET’s research endeavors and its status as a prominent research institution.


Aim and Objectives

  •     To create an excellent educational environment through frontline researches and interdisciplinary research collaborations
  •     To Support funding for research projects and review the research proposals for utilizing external funding opportunity
  •     To coordinate conference, symposium, and workshop to promote research culture among the stake holders
  •     To conduct cutting- edge researches to develop new academic and technological fields
  •     To discover new fact-based principles and rules in natural phenomena to create new technologies
  •     To conduct researches that contribute to the development of human resources & the societal needs


Faculty Research / Structure
Faculty members are encouraged to do their PhD in their fields of studies, publications in national and international level and R&D projects.

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. P.P.Joby , Dean -PRI Chief Advisor
2 Dr. Nirmala Joseph, Dean – Student Affairs Advisor
3 Dr. Nivin Philip, Head of Department/CE Advisor
4 Mr. Ajith Kuriakose Mani, AP/ME Centre Head
5 Ms. Sheelu Mariam Punnose Member
6 Ms. Jisha Mariyam John, AP/CSE Member
7 Ms. Bintomol Baby, AP/ECE Member
8 Ms. Rinu Susan Roy, AP/EEE Member
9 Mr. Manikandan, AP/ME Member

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