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About Management

The college is owned and managed by the The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Catholicate of the East. The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was founded by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who came to India in A.D. 52. At least from the fourth century, the Indian Church entered into a close relationship with the Persian or East Syrian Church. From the Persians, the Indians inherited The East Syrian language and liturgies, and gradually came to be known as Syrian Christians. In the sixteenth century Roman Catholic missionaries came to Kerala. They tried to unite the Syrian Christians to the Roman Catholic Church and this led to a split in the community. Those who accepted Roman Catholicism are the present Syro-Malabar Catholics. Later, Western Protestant missionaries came to Kerala and worked among The Syrian Christians. This also created certain divisions in the community. In the seventeenth century, the Church came in to relationship with the Antiochene Church, which again caused splits. As a result of this relationship, the Church received West Syrian liturgies and practices. The Church entered into a new phase of its history by the establishment of the Catholicate in 1912.

At present, the Church is using the West Syrian liturgy. The faith of the Church is that which was established by the three Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (A.D. 325), Constantinople (A.D. 381) and Ephesus (A.D. 431).

The Church is in communion with the other Oriental Orthodox Churches namely, Syriac, Alexandrian, Armenian, Eritrean and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches. The Church is in good ecumenical relationship with the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.

This Church now consists of about 2.5 million members, who are spread all over the world, though the majority reside in The state of Kerala in South West India. The Supreme Head of the Church and the present Catholicos is H.H. Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II. H.H:s residence and the Head-quarters of the Church is in Kottayam in the Kerala State of the South-West India. The Church as a whole is divided into 30 ecclesial units called dioceses and each diocese is served by a bishop, administratively and spiritually
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The Constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Church:- The church had no written constitution until 1934, but was governed by consensus, traditions and precedence. It was the vision of Mor Dionysius, Vattasseril to have a clearly defined uniform constitution to govern the church administration. He initiated action in this regard and appointed a sub-committee with O. M. Cherian as convener to submit a draft constitution. The committee members had discussed the fundamental issues with the Metropolitan in several rounds. However it was not finalized and passed (materialized) in his life time. After his demise, the constitution was presented in the Malankara Christian Association meeting of Dec 26, 1934, held at M. D. Seminary. It was adopted and brought to force. Three times the constitution was amended to meet specific situations and needs. It only shows that the church is alive to meet the challenges that arise from time to time. The validity of the constitution was challenged by the Patriarch party in the Court, but the Supreme Court has given its final verdict declaring the validity of the Constitution. Every member of the Church is bound by the rules and regulations laid down in the Constitution.The Constitution upholds the autonomy and autocephaly of the Malankara Orthodox Church. It is Episcopal in its (polity) and not congregational. At the same time it upholds democratic principle by safeguarding the rights and privileges of the lay people. It was framed at a time when the Patriarch of Antioch was held in high esteem and hence his limited role is included.The constitution enshrines the fundamental features of the Church, provides direction for its internal administration and preserves its integrity and autonomy. The essential features of the Church are provided in the preamble. The first article emphasizes the bond of relationship between the Church of Syria and Malankara. The second article deals with the foundation of the Malankara Church by St. Thomas and the primacy of the Catholicos. The third article refers to the name of the church and the fourth about the faith, traditions etc., and the fifth about the canons governing the administration of the Church.The whole constitution conceives the Malankara Church as self –sufficient in all her requirements, be it temporal, ecclesiastical or spiritual in nature and upholds that the Malankara Orthodox church is rightly autocephalous in character.
Download MOSC Constitution of Malankara Orthodox Church.
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Medical College
Malankara Medical Mission Hospital, Kolencherry – 682 311

Arts and Science Colleges
Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta Ph: 0468 2222223 2325253
Baselius College, Kottayam – 686 001 Ph: 0481 2563918 2565958
St. Mary’s College, S. Battery – 673 592 Ph: 04936 220246
St. Gregorios College, Kottarakara Ph: 0474 2650133
St. Stephen’s College, Maloor, Pathanapuram Ph: 0475 2352385

Other Colleges

Baselios Mathews II B.Ed College, Adoor
Kuriakose Gregorios College, Pampady Ph: 0481 2505212 2508212
Mar Dionysius College, Pazhanji Ph: 04885 276729 277577
St. Cyril’s College, Adoor Ph: 04734 210043
Mount Tabore Training College, Pathanapuram Ph: 0475 2352323
BMM II Training College, Kottarakkara Ph: 0474 2653544
St. Thomas College, Bhilai Ph: 0788 2275970 2274223
M. G. M. Junior College, Bhilai Ph: 0788 288662-64
MOSC Medical College, Kolencherry Ph: 0484 2760251 3055555 3055666
Theophilos College of Nursing, Kangazha Ph: 0481 2497410
SG College of Nursing, Parumala Ph: 0479 2310393
SG College of Social Science, Parumala Ph: 0479 2312266 2311929

MOC Colleges Corporate Management Office,
Devalokam, Kottayam – 38. Phone : 0481-2573533

M.D. Seminary Higher Secondary School, Kottayam. Ph: 0481 – 2563949
M.G.M Higher Secondary School, Thiruvalla. Phone: 0469 – 2602425,2630902
Catholicate Higher Secondary School, Pathanamthitta. Phone: 0468 – 2222294
J.M. Higher Secondary School, Vakathanam, Phone: 0481 – 2462356,2465556
M.G. Higher Secondary School, Thumpamon Phone: 04734 – 266802,268234
Metropolitan Higher Secondary School, Puthencavu, Chengannur Phone: 0479 – 2452991,2458690
St. Behanan’s Higher Secondary School, Vennikulam, Thiruvalla – 689544 Phone: 0469 -2650555, 2650772
R.M. Higher Secondary School, Vadavucode, Puthencruz, Eranakulam- 682310 Phone: 0484 – 2731 1 09, 0484-2734909
M.P.M. Higher Secondary School, Chungathara, Malappuram – 679 334 Phone : 04931 230374

M.G.D. High School, Puthussery, Kallooppara Phone: 0469 – 27821 75
M.G.D. High School for Boys Kundara, Kollam – 691501 Phone:0474-2522616
M.G.D. High School for Girls Kundara, Kollam – 691501 Phone: 0474 – 2523008
St. Thomas High School, Karthigappally – 690516 Phone: 0479 – 2485488
M.S.S. High School, Thazhakara, Mavelikara – 690102 Phone:0479-2301545
St. Pauls High School, Pulickakavala, Vazhoor – 686515 Phone: 0481 -2456310
M.G.M. High School, Engapuzha, Puduppady, Kozhikode – 673586. Phone: 0495 – 2235035
St. George’s High School, Kizhavalloor, Konni – 689703 Phone:0468-2341108
L.M. High School, Venmony, Chengannur. Phone: 0479 – 2352225
J.M. High School, Kodukulanji, Chengannur Phone: 0479-2368738

St. George U.P. School, Chathannoor. P.O, Kollam
T.M.U U.P. School, Meenadam, Kottayam
M.G. U.P. School, Thumpamon, Pandalam
Mar Philexenos Memorial U.P School Puthencavu P.O; Chengannur-689123
M.D. U.P. School, Vellaramemala; Vennikulam – 689544
M.D. U.P. School, Vakathanam; Puthenchantha P.O. Vakathanam – 686538
U.P. School, Vakathanam – 686538
St. John’s U.P. School, Ulanad; Kulanada, Pandalam – 689503
M.G.M. U.P. School, Kottamala P.O, Nileshwar – 671314. Ph: 0467 – 2245083
U.P. School, Pongamthanam, Vakathanam Kottayam – 686538
St. Mary’s U.P. School, Kollad, Kottayam – 686029
St. Thomas U.P. School, Eravinallor, Kottayam

St. Peter’s L.P.S Pulikakavala, Vazhoor – 686515
M.D.S L.P. School, Kottayam – 686001
M.D.L.P. School, Pampady, Pallivathukal, Pampady – 686502
M.D.L.P. School, Thazhathangadi, Kottayam – West
M.D.L.P. School, Perumkannary, Melpadom P.O., Mannar.
M.D.L.P. School, Pavukkara, Mannar Thiruvalla – 689622
St. George’s L.P. School, Theyyappara, Kodencherry, Kozhikode – 673580
M.D.L.P. School, Mannamthottuvazhy, Niranam Thiruvalla-689621
M.D.L.P. School, Valanjavattom East Thiruvalla – 689104
Parumala Seminary L.P. School, Parumala, Mannar
M.D.L.P. School, Kottayil, Kizhakkumbhagam P.O Niranam – 689628
M.D.L.P. School, Kallumkal P.O, Thiruvalla
M.D.L.P. School, Pathicad, Mallappally West – 689586
M.D.L.P. School, Vennikulam, Vennikulam P.O, Thiruvalla – 689544
St. Kuriakose L.P. School, Kundara Kollam-691501
M.G.M.LP. School, Thiruvalla – 689101
M.D.L.P. School, Madathumbhagam North P.O Puramattom, Thiruvalla – 689543
Puthussery Syrian M.D.L.P. School, Kadamankulam, Kallooppara – 689543
M.D.L.P. School, Mozhassery, Kadapra, Mannar Niranam – 689630
M.D.L.P. School, Sakthimangalam, Niranam North, Niranam – 689621
Niranam Mar Beselious M.D.L.P. School, Kadapra, Mannar – 689630
Mannar Syrian M.D.L.P. School , Kuttemperoor P.O, Chengannur
M.D.L.P. School Neervilakam, Angadical, Chengannur – 689122
M.D.L.P. School, Kaipuzha, Panangad P.O, Kulanada, Pandalam
M.D.L.P. School, Puthencavu, Piralassery P.O; Angadical Chengannur -6891 22
M.D.L.P. School, Kumbazha, Pathanamthitta -689653
M.D.L.P. School, Melkozhoor P.O, Mylapra, Pathanamthitta -689678
M.D.L.P. School, Naranganam; Kozhencherry – 689642
M.D.L.P. School, Poozhikunnu, Chellackadu P.O Ranni – 689677
M.D.L.P. School, Thalavady South, Anaprampal South P.O, Thiruvalla -689576
St. Thomas L.P. School, Nellipoil, Meemmutty, Kodencherry, Kozhikode – 673580
St. Behanans L.P. School, Thelliyoor P.O., Vennikulam, Thiruvalla – 689576
M.D.L.P. School, Chennithala, Eramathoor P.O., Mavelikara – 689622
L.P School, Vellukutta, Puthuppally Kottayam – 686011
St. John’s A.L.P. School, Kolithattu P.O., Kilianthara, Kannur – 670706
St. Thomas L.P. School, Nellimoodu, Puthussery Chengaroor – 689594

Mar Baselios Public School, Kottayam Ph: 0481 2575160
Mar Dionysius School, Rishivalley, Mallappally Phone: 0469-2688547, 2688080
Nirmala Matha Public School, Kuppady P.O., Sultan Bethery – 673592 Phone:0493-6222015
St. George Public School, Kozhuvalloor, Chengannur
Baselius Vidyanikethan, Vettickal, Mulamthuruthy Phone:0484-2742250
M.G.M. English Medium School, Punnappallam, Kolayad P.O., Kannur – 670 550. Ph: 0490 2303895
M.G.M. English Medium School, Chettukuzhy, Kochara P.O- 685 551, Vandanmettu, Ph: 04868 -277577
Baselius Augen Public School Kodanadu, Perumbavoor-683 544 Ph: 0484-2646135, 0484 – 2646268

Fr. T.C. Jacob Memorial English Medium U.P School, Cheeranchira,Vakathanam, Changanasserry
St. Thomas L.P School, Karthigappally

Mar Baselius Augen Boarding Home M.D Seminary Higher Secondary School, Kottayam – 686001 Phone: 0481 – 2562373
M.G.M. Boarding Home M.G.M H.S. School, Thiruvalla Ph:0469-2602925
B.M.M. Boarding Home; R.M. Higher Secondary School, Vadavucode, Puthencruz, Eranakulam. Phone: 0484 – 2731113
Mar Dionysius Hostel, Mar Dionysius School Rishivalley, Mallappally Phone: 0469 – 2682447

MSSTTI Thazhakara Phone: 0479 – 2303299
RMTTI Vadavucode P.O, Puthencruze, Eranakulam Ph: 0484-2731723

The Management is running several institutions like Medical College, Engineering Colleges, Arts & Science Colleges, Higher Secondary Schools etc all over Kerala.
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